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My name is Eric Periard and I am the owner and operator of Underground Solutions, Inc.  I have been solving Wet Basement and Septic System problems in North Bay and area since 2008.  I have been successful in doing so because I “think like water”.  When you are in the business of excavations and digging holes, the biggest challenge you encounter with every project is water.  The success of these projects rely on determining: a) where is the water coming from, b) where does it need to go and c) how are you going to get it there?  These are the 3 key challenges common with all my projects over the years and because I have done thousands, I have developed the skills necessary to understand and effectively take control of these challenges.

As you navigate through this site, you will get a better sense of what we do and why we have chosen to specialize in both wet basement repairs and septic systems.  On our “Wet Basement Repair” page, you will learn about how water enters our basements, discover tips on how to prevent water from coming in, how we use sophisticated equipment such as pipe jetters and underground cameras to determine the cause of certain problems and lastly I will explain to you my “Guaranteed Method” that will ensure a dry basement for years to come!

If your “Septic System” is your concern then that page will give you a better understanding of what a septic system is, inform you on when to get us involved, explain the services we offer and finally provide a list of do’s and don’ts to protect the longevity of your expensive investment. 

If these two sections aren’t what you’re looking for, you may want to visit our “Other Services” page, where you will find a list of other related specialties or simply drop us a line with an enquiry and we may just have a solution for that as well.   

Thanks for joining me,

Eric Periard

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